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What People Say About Us

“A great trip enjoyed by all, staff were fantastic”

St Matthews Primary School – Residential Visit

“Amazing activities, children thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout their stay. All activities were challenging but achievable”

Bushmead Primary School – Residential Visit

“A super trip, packed full of adventure and activities, run by excellent staff!”

Ardley Hill Academy – Residential Visit

“An amazing experience with incredibly supportive and knowledgeable staff – a must for all children”

Hillborough Junior School – Residential Visit

“Everything planned was excellent and we were able to do all the activities we wanted, great instructors who are enthusiastic and excellent with the students”

Princess Risborough Primary School  – Residential Visit

“Hands on experience of the class topic! Creative curriculum at its best.”

Russell Lower School – Day Visit (Themed Day: Mark the Mountain Guide)

 "Super instructors who took time to listen and interact with pupils as well as instruct. Children worked as a Team and began to take responsibility for themselves too. The farm is always a highlight and one of the most memorable aspects for the children. Thank you for the 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude."

Warden Hill Primary – Residential Visit

"This the first time we have done this trip and it was developed for us by Dell Farm. The day was fabulous and tied in beautifully with the work we are doing in school and was a real wow factor for the children. They loved performing the “Bear Hunt” as they walked through the woods and most thoroughly enjoyed the caving activity. The time spent with the animals was magical at this time of year."

Wigmore Primary – Day Visit  (Themed Day: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt)

"The children loved interacting with the animals and learning about their care. What wonderfully skilled and patient staff you have, thank you very much!"

The Vale Academy – Residential Visit

"Another great day, well organised and 3 different activities. They gained lots of experience of things they don’t normally do i.e. a long walk!"

Norton Road School Primary – Day Visit

“The information and activities really inspired the children and they are enthused to learn more. Was great to see the artefacts and they loved the battle. Instructor had a phenomenal historical knowledge."

Putteridge Primary (Year 3) – Saxon Day Visit