• From Monday 17th December – Wednesday 19th December, Lewsey Sports Park Swimming Pool will be closed from 09.00 – 17.00hrs. During lunch time hours members can use Lea Manor Recreation Swimming facilities instead. 


Level 5 Course Evaluations

Charlie Betts - "Excellent delivery. Very fun and also engaging. Extremely knowledgeable"

Debbie Crosbie-Ross - "This made me realise that the AFL strategies I use everyday in the classroom are just as relevant in my P.E. lessons."

Farhan Farooqi - "Its nice to know the theory side of P.E. - Its good to have the practical elements to go with it"


PE Co-ordinator, Norton Road Primary School
“Thank you for all your support – Active Education is an amazing and invaluable service.”

Staff from St. Joseph’s Primary School
“I used to hate teaching gym but am now enjoying it so much””

“I had no confidence but now it has returned”

“I have really seen the progression of the children through the 6 weeks of lessons”

Kimpton Primary School

“Swimming sessions were accessible and enjoyable. Great progress was made by all in her group”

PE Subject leader, Great Barford Lower School
“Many thanks for today and for all the resources you carefully organised for us… The response from the staff has been extremely positive and many have already requested copies of the music so they can use this in the future.”

Broadmead Lower school
“The Head has said I have made such a difference and it has been well worth having me in. The class teacher has also said that she now has the confidence to get the apparatus out. She has learnt how to improve the children’s performance by giving regular small input to them. She has learnt so much.”

Pirton Hill Primary School
“Literacy In Action training course, Sept 2015 – Excellent delivery, fun atmosphere created and very interactive. The Tutors made everyone feel comfortable about understanding the activities and provided lots of great ideas.”

PE Co-ordinator, Norton Road Primary School
“Thank you for all your support, Active Education is an amazing and invaluable service.”

Children’s Centre Staff
“Overall I thought the workshop was really good. Coming from a fitness background, I believe it’s so important that children are doing more physical activity that gets their heart rates up and involve the core movements, whilst being imaginative and fun.”

“I loved the energy, ideas and different use of resources. I loved the music and how this changed the impact of energy to the delivery.”

Infant School
“The playground is definitely a calmer and happy place since the leaders have been there to organise activities.”

Junior School
“Leadership training has embedded innovation in leadership training across the curriculum. It has allowed pupils to acquire responsibilities that promote leadership and high-quality learning.”

Infant School
“I really felt on a high when you left, the children were so creative. I learned not to limit my expectations of achievement.”