“I was referred by Mark, the McMillan nurse to Active Luton.  They gave me a programme of exercises to improve my core muscles and fitness. Then they put me onto Walking Football, which I enjoy very much and helps with my fitness.  It has made my life a lot easier, as I feel more confident in doing the things I used to do.”
Steve , Move More Luton Programme

“The experience has been life changing for me, my fitness level has increased dramatically and I feel like a completely different person. I cannot express my thanks or gratitude towards Active Luton enough, this experience has shaped and changed the person I am and will be for the rest of my life.”
Lucy, Exercise Referral Programme

“Through the Me Time programme I have found friendship, challenge and a different outlook on life, as well as the obvious benefits to my health through exercise. I attend Pilates, Aerobics and Nordic Walking, for which I have just trained to become a leader.”
Judy, Me Time Programme

“After I attended the first aid course I was able to save the life of my granddaughter”.
Kim (Infant and Child Resuscitation Workshop)

“I've done first aid courses for years but this was the best course ever”.
Tony (First Aid at Work Refresher)

“Earn while you learn and there's opportunity for good career development too”.
Love (Modern Apprenticeship Scheme)

“If family or friends have an emergency I can 100% use my skills to help them”.
Ellie (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification)

“Good exercise for mum and fresh air for the baby. Jane works us hard and gets us healthy and fit! ”
Me Time Family  member

“Now 6 months on I love it and exercise is a big part of my life. I feel fitter, I lost a few inches and I have met lots of new friends.”
Me Time member

“I think Active Luton has provided the women of Luton with great insight to the fitness world by breaking down barriers of participation through the ME TIME project.”
Me Time member

“You can work at your own pace and Jane knows when to push you that little bit more. I have only been coming for a few weeks, but I have been made to feel very welcome.”
Me time member

“Thank you for all your support. Active Education is an amazing and invaluable service”
PE Co-ordinator, Norton Road Primary School, Luton

“Sarah is a miracle worker. My 9 year old son has severe learning difficulties and won’t lay on his stomach. Yet she has managed to get him to do front drops in trampolining – fantastic.”
‘A very happy parent’, trampolining, community session

“Super instructors who took time to listen and interact with pupils as well as instruct. The children worked as a team and began to take responsibility for themselves too. The farm is always a highlight and one of the most memorable aspects for the children. Thank you for the ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude.”
Warden Hill School, Residential Visit to Dell Farm

“I have really seen the progression of the children through 6 weeks of lessons.”
Staff from St Joseph’s Primary School, Luton

“This was the first time we had done this trip (Bear Hunt Story) which was developed for us by Dell Farm. The day was fabulous and tied in beautifully with the work we are doing in school and was a real wow factor for the children. They loved performing the ‘Bear Hunt’ as they walked through the woods and most thoroughly enjoyed the caving activity. The time spent with the animals was magical at this time of year.”
Wigmore Primary, Day Visit to Dell Farm

“The children loved interacting with the animals and learning about their care. What wonderfully skilled and patient staff you have, thank you!”
The Vale Academy , Residential Visit to Dell Farm

“Swimming sessions were accessible and enjoyable. Great progress was made by all in her group”
Kimpton Primary School, Hertfordshire

“Many thanks for today and all the resources you organised for us ...The response from the staff has been extremely positive and many have already requested copies of the music, so they can use this in the future.”
Bedford School

“Not only was it educational but it added to their life experiences. Dell Farm offered links with different areas of the curriculum such as map reading, habitats, animals and PE Orienteering, all of which we are required to cover this year.”
Sacred Heart Primary, Residential Visit to Dell Farm

“The information and activities really inspired the children and they are enthused to learn more. Was great to see the artefacts and they loved the battle. Instructor had a phenomenal historical knowledge.”
Putteridge Primary, Saxon Day Visit to Dell Farm