• Inspire: Luton Sports Village – We apologise that the pool hoist will be out of use for several days.
SWIMTAG Training Aid Active Luton 01


SwimTag  is a completely free electronic swim training aid that is available at reception at all of our swimming  pools for our members to use whilst using our facilities.  It’s designed to help swimmers of all abilities get more from their swimming.  Whether you simply want to leave it to count lengths so that you can enjoy yourself, or whether you want to find out about your stroke technique, speed and even set challenges – either for yourself or with other swimmers.  There are lots of possibilities and it’s easy and free to use.   SwimTag does the maths so you can just focus on what's important. 


Before you go to the pool, simply swipe your membership card on the SwimTag dock and take a SwimTag strap.  It goes on your wrist while you swim and then records all your information on an online account which you  can set up and log into afterwards. 


Every time you swim you will be able to see information including your total distance, swimming time, approximate calories burned and more detailed information about stroke rates and pace for example.  SwimTag is designed to motivate you to swim further, faster and more often. 


There’s even an app so you can check your progress on the go, find out more here. Also, check out our blog to discover how using SwimTag has helped Dave, our Centre Manager at Inspire,  improve his swimming times.