Dell Farm Residential Bookings Terms and Conditions

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In these Terms & Conditions the following shall apply:

 “Active Luton”, “Us”, “We”, “Our” – means Active Luton, registered office Wigmore Hall, Eaton Green Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9JB

“You” -  means Customer, Visiting Group, Visiting Group Leader, Visiting Staff, Visiting Leader, Guests, Group Staff, Group.



For all bookings, the contract is between you the customer and us Active Luton, registered office Wigmore Hall, Eaton Green Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9JB

A contract only exists when we have received the required deposit and have acknowledged receipt of your completed form by issuing you with our booking confirmation.


Booking procedures

Active Luton will generate documentation namely ‘Residential Booking Offer, Acceptance Form and T&Cs’ in response to a ‘Booking Enquiry Form’ completed and submitted by the customer via our website or other means.

On receipt of the completed ‘Residential Booking Offer, Acceptance Form and T&Cs’ Active Luton will issue the customer with a Booking Confirmation. The Booking Confirmation shall be deemed to be an offer made by us to the customer to enter into a contract. It may be withdrawn at any time prior to acceptance and which shall in any event be deemed to expire unless accepted in accordance with the First Deposit payment. 

The customer acknowledges that once the Booking Acceptance Form has been signed and the Booking Confirmation has been received a binding contract will come into force.

Should you make a booking with us on behalf of a third party you will be held jointly and severally responsible to us for the total cost of the services and or products booked.


Price information

Our prices are based on the current academic year. We reserve the right to amend our price bands.  Examples of where this may occur include where amendments to term dates result in changes to off peak, mid-season and peak dates.

Payment schedule (as set out on your residential booking confirmation)

Non-Refundable Initial Deposit – payable 2 weeks (14 days) after Residential offer (or at the same time as payment of the balance of the Booking Cost where the booking is less than 4 weeks i.e. 28 days prior to visit arrival date); 

Interim Payment – payable 8 weeks (56 days) after return to you of our booking confirmation and your payment of first deposit (or at the same time as payment of the balance of the Booking Cost where the booking is less than 8 weeks i.e. 56 days prior to visit arrival date);

Final Balance – no later than 8 weeks (56 days) prior to visit arrival date (or immediately upon the signed Booking Confirmation where a booking is less than 8 weeks i.e. 56 days prior to the arrival date).

If Interim Payments and Final Balance payments are not received by the due date Active Luton reserves the right to make an administration charge of £10 per person. In the event payments are longer than 14 days overdue, there will a breach of contract giving us the option to treat the booking as being cancelled by you. In these circumstances the contract will remain in force until you receive information from us in writing and or a cancellation notice. Please note you may lose all or part of any payments already made where you have missed any due dates and or we chose to cancel your contract.


Final group information forms

Final group information forms must be returned to us 8 weeks prior to the commencement of your visit. These are important for us to ensure that all elements of your visit are correct. Active Luton reserves the right to make an administration charge of £10 per person should the final details not be received within the deadline. 



If cancellation of an entire booking is less than 8 weeks, the full cost is payable. 

In the event of a cancellation by a paying member of your group more than 8 weeks before the visit date, the deposit and interim payment may be transferred to a substitute member if able. We regret that refunds cannot be offered in the event of cancellations or no shows.

For cancellations made less than 8 weeks before the visit date the deposit and interim payment may be transferred to a substitute member however we reserve the right to charge an administration charge of £20. Where a transfer to a substitute member is not possible refunds cannot be offered in the event of cancellations or no shows.

If you choose to make any alterations to your booking you must notify us immediately in writing detailing any booking reference number, date/s booked and names e.g. via email.


Alterations by us

We will endeavour to ensure that as many facilities as possible are available for use by our guests.  We reserve the right, without prior notice, to change the operating hours of such facilities.  Any special requests need to be made at the time of booking.  We shall use our reasonable endeavours to accommodate such requests, although these cannot be guaranteed.  Some requests may incur extra charges which you will be notified of.  We reserve the right to close the whole or any part of Dell Farm or any facilities at any time or to restrict the number of persons staying at Dell Farm.  The reason for any closure or restriction provided by this condition may include technical or operational reasons, capacity, special events or to ensure safety and security of all guests or if we reasonably consider it necessary to do so.  If Dell Farm is closed for any reason, we shall use reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as is reasonably practicable of such closure.  Active Luton reserve the right to offer a substitute booking or an alternative date in substitution for any other form of redress.  Active Luton reserve the right to amend a booking reservation but not to a lesser quality.  You will be notified in writing as soon as reasonably practicable of such amendment.  We will discuss alternative activities with the Visit Leader as early as possible to ensure the visiting group are able to experience a safe and worthwhile alternative. 


Customer’s Obligations

Participation in activities requires all visiting group members including staff to be in good health and have a reasonable basic level of fitness.

It is recommended that the visiting group leader makes a preliminary visit to Dell Farm if it is their first-time visit. If this is not possible, our Course Director can be contacted who can brief you by telephone and email you should you request it.

The visiting group leader accepts responsibility for the general conduct of all group members throughout the stay and shall ensure that:

All visiting adults accompanying the group remain ‘in loco parentis’ (in charge of all children) at all times;

Take all reasonable steps to minimise disturbance to other guests especially during quiet periods and overnight;

Prevent damage to the property, fixtures and fittings and equipment and resources;

Take care of personal possessions and group member’s money. A safe is available in the downstairs staff bedroom;

Ensure our staff know about medicines and dietary requirements by liaising with our Course Director and Catering staff.

Additional meals for non-staying visiting staff must be paid for and booked in advance.

Dell Farm has a no-smoking policy across all areas of the site and accommodation areas. If visiting staff wish to smoke they must use the designated area identified by our staff.



It is the responsibility of the visiting group to ensure that the required supervisory ratio of adults to pupils is met when in transit. During the day, the Dell Farm staff will help to ensure that appropriate working ratios are met. Evening activities will vary and the responsibility for supervisory ratios during this time is the responsibility of the Visit Leader. Clear procedures for the ‘handing over’ of pupils should be established by the Visit Leader in consultation with the Dell Farm staff.

Visiting staff are responsible for supervision including during down time. Down time is the time our staff have their breaks and they are not on duty.

Changes to visiting staff impact on Health and Safety provisions at the Centre and need to be kept to a minimum. At least one member of staff should remain on site for the duration of any visit to ensure continuity of safety information delivered by Dell Farm staff on the day of arrival is forwarded to any new visiting staff.

It is the responsibility of the visiting staff to ensure the safety and well-being of all their pupils for whom they have a duty of care to at all times. Dell Farm staff provide activity instruction only to groups during sessions and it is therefore important that visiting staff play a full part in the supervision of their group. 



Unnecessary noise or any behaviour likely to cause annoyance to other guests or confusion of any kind is not permitted in any part of Dell Farm.  Please ensure all conduct themselves appropriately always respecting Dell Farm’s property, its employees, guests and their health and safety.  We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or services or remove you and members of your party from the Dell Farm if in the reasonable opinion, this condition has been breached.  Where this is the case you shall have waived any rights to a refund.



Please ensure you are dressed appropriately at all times whilst at Dell Farm.



Vehicles are parked at your own risk.  Active Luton takes no responsibility for damage caused to any vehicle using any car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of guest vehicles in the car park or any or the vehicles contents.  



No child or children under the age of 16 years will be admitted to Dell Farm unless they are accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over and such child or children whilst on site must remain under the control and supervision of an adult at all times.  Active Luton reserve the right to change the age restriction referred to in this condition, if any circumstance so requires it in the interest of safety and security.  Active Luton only accepts responsibility for any personal illness, injury or death which results solely from our negligence, acts or omissions to you whilst acting in the course of our employment. 



Insurance is not included in the booking price. The centre’s public liability covers injury or accidental damage caused by the negligence of its staff.


Complaints Procedure

If there are any problems with your visit at any stage, we would like to be the first to hear about it. It is essential that you contact a member of our staff as soon as possible so that we can try to put things right for you straight away. In the unlikely event that you concern is not resolved, please write to us immediately on your return and we will do our best to find a satisfactory solution. Complaints must be received by us within 28 days from the last day of your visit. 


First Aid 

It is the responsibility of the visiting school and group staff to ensure the safety and well-being of all their pupils for whom they have a duty of care, including the provision of first aid between the hours of 6pm (9pm on Monday and Wednesday) and 8am the following morning. Should however an emergency occur which requires the hospitalisation of a pupil or visiting member of staff, then the school and or visiting group may contact the Site Tenant who will assist, providing they are on site and able to assist. Schools and or groups should contact their own emergency point of contact in the case of any emergency. 


Special requests

Any special requests must be made in writing as early as possible in the booking procedure. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests and will notify our staff accordingly. We cannot guarantee that special requests will be fulfilled, we will notify you in writing of our decision.  Some special requests may incur an extra charge.


Additional requirements

We work hard to enable all young people to enjoy the many benefits of our centre. If members of your group have additional requirements, relating for example to SEND, culture, diet etc., please provide us with full details on booking. We will be pleased to undertake an assessment of our service provision and identify appropriate activities, equipment etc. to ensure successful participation and health and safety. We also like to know about birthdays,  our cook will make a birthday cake where possible if requested in advance.


Data protection

Active Luton has measures in place to protect the personal data held by us. Personal data collected from you including personal data relating to Party Members will only be used by Active Luton in order to fulfil our obligations under the Contract including in the administration of your Booking and in the arrangement and provision of the Activity and in complying with our obligations in relation to health and safety and other regulatory obligations as well as for informing you about Active Luton’s products and services. All personal data is processed in accordance with data protection legislation.


Photography and Marketing

At certain times, Active Luton’s staff and other professional photographers take pictures at Dell Farm for use in promotional material. You agree to give us permission to take photos and use any these in promotional material.  If any members of your group do NOT want to appear in any such photography the Party Leader(s) should notify us prior to their visit and advise the Course Director at the Centre upon arrival.

Active Luton uses elements of customer feedback including letters and feedback forms in some promotional material. If you do NOT wish to be quoted, please could you inform us on any written material that you submit to us.


Force Majeure  

During the term of this Agreement Active Luton shall not be held liable for an event which they could not reasonably foresee or prevent. Such events may include without limitation, war or threat of war, riot, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, epidemics and pandemics and all similar events outside their or any of their suppliers control.



If any part of this Agreement is found by a court, tribunal or other administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, that provision is to be severed from this Agreement and the remaining provisions of the Agreement will otherwise remain in full force.


Governing law and jurisdiction

The contract, and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocable submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.