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Programme Packages

It is important in the early stages of your booking for us to gain an understanding of what your groups may like to pursue with regard to activities and outcomes. We therefore ask that you consider the content of the programmes listed below. We will ask for your chosen areas on our first residential offer form which will be sent to you following your first enquiry. 

All our packages link closely to the High Quality Outdoor Learning Outcomes and the requirements of the National Curriculum and are suitably tailored for all Primary age pupils.

Groups are asked to opt for one programme as their main focus, though elements of other programmes can be chosen through discussion with our instructors.

All residential visits start with a self-led visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo and admission is included in the cost of all packages. 

Our farm also plays a significant part in all our residential stays – groups will be involved in feeding and grooming our animals and walking our donkeys and ponies. The children collect eggs daily from our hens to take to our cook for her to use in their meals that she prepares each day. Groups will also learn where their own food comes from and visit our allotment.

Programme packages to choose from:

The Environmental Experience

This experience is designed to make groups more aware of the environment, they are given activities to help them to explore and understand, sustain and conserve and create and share what they learn about the Dell Farm and surrounding local environments. Activities may include art in the environment, Whipsnade village study, tree and bird identification, habitat walks, bug hunting and many more.

Challenge and Survive/Nature Rangers

We will set out to explore the challenges that the local environment brings. Activities may include survival skills, bushcraft type activities, campfire cooking, woodland crafts and shelter building.

"Well organised and enjoyable. A fantastic Day" Norton Road Primary School

Time Travellers

A host of activities can be pursued based around Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Hunter Gatherers, Egyptians, Bronze and Iron Ages and even World War 2. Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge of these historical eras. Groups may focus on one period of time or travel through time. Groups may also combine the time traveller topic with adventure, challenge and environmental themes.

"All staff are amazing and have made this a unique experience for pupils and staff alike"

St Martin De Porres Primary School, about the Romans themed day

"Excellent day. The children really enjoyed themselves once again"

Norton Road Primary School, about the Ancient Egypt themed day

Call of the Wild

We start off with a self-led visit to the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Groups will be provided with learning materials for this part of the visit in advance. Follow up work back at the centre contrasting the wild animals seen at the zoo to our own farm animals and the small mammals and other fauna found in the local environment. We offer many exciting opportunities to fulfil your scientific and environmental outcomes!

The Magic of Books

A popular one with our Early Years and Key Stage 1 groups. Activities focussing on stories with links to the outside environment with good links to literacy, geography, art and survival. Groups can devise their own stories and present through writing, IT presentation or another media they wish. Our instructors can guide groups through stories they have chosen to fulfil the outcomes of this programme.

Adventure Activities

Choose from orienteering/navigation, bouldering, climbing, archery, problem solving, Nordic walking, caving and ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. Many of these activities can be combined with the other categories for example archery with the Normans, caving with stone age people or Egyptians. Outcomes can focus on fulfilling areas of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities curriculum alongside other areas such as history and geography.

Forest School Experience

We have our very own Forest School area where groups can learn the skills associated with the ethos of forest schools. Activities such as food chains, minibeasts, lifecycles, exploring habitats, bird and tree identification and shelter building can be pursued.

The John Muir Award

This is a full four day residential aimed at Years 4, 5 and 6. Individual pupils gain the award by using our centre and the environment surrounding it as their ‘Wild Place’.