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Team Teaching - Tailor Made to Suit Your Needs

Teachers teaching PE in a Primary School setting do not always have the luxury of specialist physical education training. Our Team Teaching programme is designed to build both confidence and skills, helping to give teachers the necessary tools to deliver high quality PE safely and effectively.


A Team Teaching meeting is initiated with the relevant teacher(s) and a tailor made programme is agreed with the school and put into place. The programmes are very flexible - below are some examples:

(i) Example 1

A member of Active Education will take the first lesson, with the class teacher supporting. Gradually, as the teacher’s confidence increases, the teacher will lead on aspects of the lesson with Active Education support. This pattern is developed over the course of the programme until the final week where the teacher takes the full lesson with minimal support from the Active Education lead.

(ii) Example 2

The class teacher takes the first lesson and a member of the Active Education team will observe. The teacher may be confident but is looking to develop new skills and acquire more knowledge in how to deliver certain aspects of the curriculum. After a review of the lesson, support is planned over the series of lessons to meet the goals of the teacher.

(iii) Example 3

A member of the Active Education will deliver an exemplar lesson for staff to observe. The focus will be on a specific area that the school has identified as in need of support. This can take many forms such as:

(i) use of gymnastic equipment
(ii) ensuring inclusion of all children in a lesson
(iii) use of games equipment
(iv) pace of lesson and children engagement

Feedback and discussion will then take place.

If you would like to discuss how the Active Education Team can support you in a Team Teaching programme
Call the team on 01582 400272