• From Monday 17th December – Wednesday 19th December, Lewsey Sports Park Swimming Pool will be closed from 09.00 – 17.00hrs. During lunch time hours members can use Lea Manor Recreation Swimming facilities instead. 
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PE and Sport Health Check

As with any area of the curriculum, it is important to review current practice, skill levels, strengths and areas that may need further development.

Experienced in the successful delivery of PE and Sport in Primary Schools, the Active Education team offers a Free of Charge Health Check to assess where a school feels it is currently, in relation to PE and Sport delivery.

The three step process is designed to be objective and supportive

(i) The team works with staff to conduct a full, confidential review which is documented by a member of the Active Education Team

(ii) The results of the Health Check are then discussed with staff, identifying areas in need of attention or development.

(iii) An agreed package of support is then designed to meet such needs.

If you would like to review your PE Curriculum Delivery and to discuss how we can help you
Call the team on 01582 400272