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Exemplar Days - A little inspiration can go a long way

Exemplar days are designed to showcase the best in PE teaching and also share knowledge and skills across the whole teaching staff.

The Active Education team deliver a specified and agreed topic and this can be delivered to a teacher, a class, a particular group such as NQTS or a year group,

Examples might include:

  • A gymnastics class showing development in the use of apparatus
  • A fundamental movement skills lesson
  • A multiskills lesson


Once the lesson(s) have been delivered, teachers get together in a semi-formal meeting where the Active Education team undertake a question and answer session. This can also be done in the same way on a one to one basis.

This type of session invariably promotes discussion and questions and is a good way to get teachers to air any thoughts, ideas or concerns.

If you would like to discuss how the Active Education Team can deliver an Exemplar Day in your school please call the team on 01582 400272