• From Monday 17th December – Wednesday 19th December, Lewsey Sports Park Swimming Pool will be closed from 09.00 – 17.00hrs. During lunch time hours members can use Lea Manor Recreation Swimming facilities instead. 

The ASA Learn to Swim Framework for Babies & Children

We like to start children swimming early at Active Luton!

Our Luton swimming pools run structured ASA swimming lessons for parents with babies from 8 months, toddlers and pre-school aged children to help children grow to love the water as early as possible. 

From age 3, we follow the ASA Ducking Swimming Awards which are designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from their parents or guardians, and main Learn to Swim Framework from age 4 ½.  The scheme builds competency and confidence in the water and leads to more advanced water-based skills, such as diving and lifesaving skills, in the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework.  Please click here to view the ASA's website with full details of the swimming course structure that we run here in Luton, or view a summary at the bottom of this page.  

There are also drop-in Aqua Babies and Aqua Totz swim sessions in our Inspire, Lea Manor and Lewsey swimming pools for young babies and toddlers - please view our swimming timetable for details. 

Please be assured our fully qualified teachers and centre staff work closely with the ASA to provide the best possible opportunities for children to learn to swim.

 To enquire about swimming courses at our centres, please pop in and speak to the receptionist or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click below for further details of the ASA Foundation Framework, Learn to Swim Framework and the ASA Swim Journey and Aquatic Skills Frameworks:

ASA Foundation Framework (Adult & Child Discovery Duckling Awards)

ASA Foundation Framework (Duckling Awards)

An introduction to water and swimming to promote confidence through fun and games. There are 4 Duckling Awards. In Stages 1 to 4 children are accompanied by an adult in the water. Buoyancy aids such as arm bands can be used. The ASA Learn to Swim Framework is the section of the swimmer Pathway that follows on from the ASA Foundation Framework. It is targeted at primary aged children who are learning to swim.

ASA Learn to Swim Framework (4 ½ years +)

ASA Learn to Swim (Stage 1 – 7)

The ASA Learn to Swim Framework has 7 progressive stages taking swimmers from basic movement skills and confidence in the water up to swimming 50 metres in a preferred stroke and 25metres in a variety of other strokes. The Stage progressions are:

  • Stage 1: Basic movement skills, gain confidence and water safety.
  • Stage 2: Get into water safely and progress with floating, travel and rotation.
  • Stage 3: Work towards swimming 10m (on front and back) and swimming under water to retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool.
  • Stage 4: Refine kicking technique on all strokes and develop buoyancy.
  • Stage 5: Learn treading water, sculling and perform 4 main strokes.
  • Stage 6: Learn co-ordinated breathing, water safety and understanding of how to prepare for exercise.
  • Stage 7: Refine stroke technique over 100m and perform a linked routine of key skills.