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Making History Come Alive

The aim of our history topic days is to take children on a journey through British, local and world history and bring it all to life through a variety of different sources and mediums.

Exploring history in the outdoors allows children to experience what life was like, make connections, spot trends, develop use of historical terms and generally be absorbed in a historical adventure.

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On our Making History Come Alive days, children will:

  • Develop a chronological knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history
  • Make connections, contrasts and spot trends, develop appropriate use of historical terms
  • Consider historical changes, causes, similarities , differences and significances
  • Understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources

Click below for some examples of our History Topic Days.  Talk to our team about your requirements.

Neolithic Hunter Gatherers

Experience an underground cave and consider what it would be like living in a cave system.

  • Reflect on cave art and have a go at some of your own using chalks and charcoals
  • Test out your hunting skills and have a go at archery
  • Take a walk through the country side in the shoes of a hunter gatherer to see what foods and resources can be found.
  • Collect natural materials and create your own miniature Skara Brae style Neolithic village

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Bronze Age

Learn about Bronze Age farming methods and daily life:

  • Learn about the invention of the loom
  • Experience what life was like for the children who worked mining copper and tin in our underground caving system
  • Reflect on life in the cave and create cave paintings
  • Construct our own Stonehenge and consider why these monuments were of religious importance

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Iron Age

Visit Ivinghoe Beacon, the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort:

  • As we climb the hill take in the amazing views and discover what attracted Iron Age people to live here
  • On the hill engage in Tribal Games , using stealth and camouflage to beat the other tribe
  • At Dell Farm discover what life was like at the time, how food was produced and processed.

The children will participate in a hands-on experience helping to grow crops. 


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Take a tour of the farm to meet the animals:

  • Focus on how Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain
  • Explore village life and how they farmed
  • Experience Anglo-Saxon culture sitting around the fire:
  • handle some replica weapons
  • take part in a riddle and rune challenge

"Very enjoyable day! Children loved it as we did!" Tudor Primary School 

"An excellent learning experience for our year 4 students. Thank you for all your hard work and thorough preparation" Parkside Community


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Children will be given opportunities to visit the farm animals and consider their uses in a Viking farming culture:

  • Experience the life of a Viking by sitting by an open fire:
  • making bread
  • handling weapons
  • Learn about Viking beliefs through the telling of Viking myths and legends
  • Recreate a battle with Alfred the great and understand the implications of Dane Law

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Local History Study: World War II

Experience what life was like in the blackout and during the air raids with a visit into our underground shelter:

  • Handle some local memorabilia
  • Find out what roles people carried out locally to help in the war effort
  • On the farm be part of the Dig for Victory campaign by helping out on the allotment
  • Re-enact the battle of the Atlantic to learn about the important role of the merchant navy importing food and resources during war time
  • Take a look at the surrounding country side and village of Whipsnade through the eyes of an evacuee
  • Kidertransport – Hear Bob’s story. A 14year old German boy who was evacuated to England and stayed at Dell Farm

"A once in a lifetime experience for some of our children" Norton Road Primary School 

 "Well led by knowledgeable staff. Both trips were excellent" Surrey Street Primary School

To discuss your requirements further and to speak to a member of the Active Education Team at Dell Farm call 01582 400272 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..