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Welcome to our October edition of Hydra customers information updates


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Inspire: Luton Sports Village Notice

Swimming Teacher Training will take place between the following dates on site:

  • Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th December 2018

During these times some classes will have trainee teachers assisting with the lessons.


Pool Depth

On week ten our community pool floor will at 0.86m between 16:00 and 18:00 to enable learners to practice basic water and safety skills, this will then aid with confidence in the water.



Our next re-enrolment dates start week commencing 30th November 2018 for course 1 (2019). This priority re-enrolment period will last a week up until 6pm on Friday 7th December. If you haven’t re-enrolled within this time period unfortunately your provisional space will be removed and could be offered to another person. Please remember to make the payment either via the email link or at the reception. Alternatively you can make payment by ringing the appropriate centre.

Please be aware that if you attempt to use the email link to re-enrol after the deadline the online system will respond with ‘’payment has been settled’’. This is due to the provisional place being offered and the outstanding charge having been removed.  Enrolment and payment will not have been successful so you are advised to contact the centre.

Some customers have experienced issues regarding the automatic email system. We would therefore encourage you all to make note of the re-enrolment dates on your receipt and ensure your registered email is correct. Posters and signage will also be displayed around our centres reminding you of re-enrolment weeks.  All of our reception staff are aware of re-enrolment so please do not hesitate to ask on your next visit.

All future courses from January 2019 will run from Monday to Sunday instead of the current format Saturday to Friday.



We appreciate that traffic and weather conditions can sometimes be a problem but lateness is becoming an increasing issue. If you are late for a lesson be aware that your child will be integrated slowly into the class when the teacher feels it is safe to do so. Please be mindful that this can disrupt lessons and make it difficult for teachers. 


Parent Portal

If accessing the Parent Portal through a mobile device there is a need to scroll to the bottom of the initial page and switch to “full website” when signing in to gain access to the relevant Hydra information. 

We are now using a new marking scheme for assessments. You will see this on parent portal so it may look slightly different. Children will be graded 1-4. 

1. TBA - To Be Assessed 

2. Practice – Tried but not yet achieved

3. Consistency – Can do but needs to demonstrate on regular basis 

4. Pass - Can do this consistently 

All courses are continuously assessed which means that we can develop every child at their own pace. Once the teacher identifies standard has been met, parents/guardians will be informed to contact reception to arrange a move to the next level. 



AL Inspire 619


Swimming Teachers

Swimming teachers may be off sick or on annual holiday during the 10 week block. Please be assured that there will always be a qualified teacher covering the lessons and following the teacher’s set lesson plan. 


Changing Facilities

Please store clothing and belongings in the lockers provided and do not leave them in the cubicles. If clothing is left unattended in the cubicles it will be removed. 


Refunds or Credits

Refunds or credit notes are not given for non-attendance or minor illness such as sickness or chicken pox. Refunds and credit notes will only be considered by the management team when a valid medical certificate for longer term injury or illnesses is available. All credit notes are to be utilised within the following 6 month period. 


One to One’s 

We would like to make everyone aware that we do offer 30 minute one-to-one sessions at all of the centres. One-to-one prices are the same for both adults and children and they range from £20.00 for one half an hour session; £71.90 for four half an hour sessions, and £143.80 for a block of eight sessions. The pool availability is limited so please consider this if you are requesting these lessons.


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Welcome to our October edition of Hydra customers information updates  ...
Welcome to our October edition of Hydra customers information updates  ...
Welcome to our October edition of Hydra customers information updates  ...

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