Exercise doesn't have to be expensive...

Your fitness is important but there’s no need to be put off exercising because of the price tag. Active Luton offers a great range of discounted & low budget options so that you can put your health & fitness first!


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There’s no need to commit

You can Pay as you go for all your gym, swim and fitness classes at our centres.  You don’t need to exercise every day to stay healthy or improve your health. Adults (aged between 19-64 years) need to do approximately 140 minutes of moderate activity or 70 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week. Simply by attending a leisure swim or a Body Balance session one day after work each week you’ll have contributed to improving your health.

What’s the best deal for me?

If you don’t want to commit to a membership you can  register for a Go4Less card for great discounts on many activities every single time you visit an Active Luton centre! A Go4Less card is just £6.50 (£3.25 juniors) for the year.

But did you know you can attend the gym or go swimming for only £2 at off peak times if you quality for concessionary rates?

You qualify for a concessionary Go4Less rate if you are: 

  • Receiving working tax credit, income support or income-based job seekers allowance
  • Receiving incapacity benefit, housing or council tax benefit
  • Receiving disability living or attendance allowance or pension credit

So fill in your Go4Less form in centre today…it’s time to start saving

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