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SWIMTAG gives you valuable insight into your swimming. It monitors everything from total distance swam to your total calories burnt and it’s all sorted and sent to you via email or available via the app so that you can just enjoy your swim!

So, whether you want to use it to count lengths, or find out about your stroke technique, speed or even set challenges, SWIMTAG is the perfect tracking tool allowing you to become F.I.T.T.E.R! 


When you start spending a little bit of time reflecting and monitoring your swim, you see for yourself how hard you’ve been working (or not working some days!). You can then focus your attention on the main areas you’re hoping to improve and SWIMTAG helps you do that. 


Being able to see your swim allows you to become a better, stronger swimmer. As you start to develop you can get involved in SWIMTAG challenges – enjoy with friends and family or compete for The Top 3 swimmers title at your centre. SWIMTAG is proven to help you swim faster and for longer!


SWIMTAG is a great tool for both competitive and leisure swimmers to achieve their goals. Currently over 9,000 swimmers in the UK are already using SWIMTAG and there is something for every level of swimmer so it’s not just about competitive swimming.


Did you know that swimming works the inside of your body too? It’s great for your lungs, as well as helping to lower blood pressure and control sugar levels. SWIMTAG also monitors the time you spend resting so it’s easy to know how much exercise you have squeezed into your day.


From toning muscles to building strength and endurance, SWIMTAG breaks down the areas that you’ve worked (depending on your chosen stroke type) so you can bring leg day to the pool and plan your swim. 

Real Results

With the information collected from SWIMTAG you’re able to see your swim from the very first time you dip your toe in. Compare, share and analyse your results. Research suggests seeing how you’ve improved encourages you to keep going…not to mention the mood boosting effects swimming already offers.

And it’s super easy to set up – to find out more click here. 


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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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