7 reasons why golf is a great way to get active!

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1. Golf is fun for all the family

Whether it’s mini-golf, FootGolf or a round of 9 or 18 holes – Golf is a game that can be played for a lifetime by anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, size or skill level.


2. It gets you outside

There is nothing like getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and all sorts of flora and fauna. You don't have to play, relax and enjoy a pint in the Clubhouse.


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3. It counts as exercise

Okay, so you may not break the same sweat as you do in spin class but a good golf game can provide plenty of exercise (you can be walking for up to five hours!). The average golfer is said to burn around 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf!  


4. It’s social

Yes, golf can be an opportunity to network professionally, but it can also just be a really fun activity with friends. Even better, the handicapping scoring system allows for players of all abilities to compete together. But if you are all beginners, then why not take a lesson.  Stockwood Park Golf Club in Luton provides golf lessons by a PGA Pro with prices from just £22. 


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5. You can do it anywhere

Golfing is a world sport. With 35,000 courses all over the planet, it is not too difficult to find a golf course nearby. This is a great activity to do when looking for a corporate business activity or if you just want to enhance a trip with the family!  Active Luton manage Stockwood Park Golf Centre which has some great weekday and weekend offers, so please click here to find out more…  


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6. Get active with Golf 

A study has found that introducing Golf to those who are not meeting the recommended levels of exercise could hold key' to improving lives of the physically inactive. Research suggests that previously physically inactive people who get into golf are likely to pick it up regularly and become healthier – partly because they don’t see golf as exercise.


7. Happiness (mental wellbeing)

The study also showed that the more people golf the happier they’ll be, with the golfers who took most activity scoring well above the national average for their mental wellbeing.


There’s some great offers at Stockwood Park Golf Centre if you wanted to get into golf, please click here to book your tee off time…


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