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Active Competition: Multiskills & Cross Curricular Activities

Multi Skills Competitions
These competitions are run for reception children through to year 6. A number of activity stations are organised and the children rotate around the activities. Sometimes the activities are multi skills based and sometimes, they are sport specific. The team has run athletics, football and tennis based skills and will often run these when a national or World sporting event is taking place such as the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, Wimbledon and the Rugby World Cup. This provides an excellent opportunity for Play leaders to put their leadership skills to good use introducing, demonstrating and scoring the activities while motivating the children to do their best.

Speed Stacking Competitions
Speed stacking is great for hand eye coordination and increasing dexterity. The children are each given a stack of cups which they are taught to upstack and downstack. Children enjoy the activity and quickly progress. They compete against themselves and then against each other in competitions. The children also need to be physically active as well as developing their hand eye coordination so relays are organised and other competitive activities are introduced.

Physical Education – the Cross Curricular Chameleon
The beauty of Physical Education is its flexibility and adaptability, not least when it comes to working with other subjects in the curriculum through competition. The Active Education team can provide a range of tailored sessions across specific subjects and are also happy to work with schools on bespoke requests.

The team runs various intra-school competitions including:

Numeracy in Action
Typically, classes are taken from reception through to Year 6 for 30 minute sessions. The maths is age appropriate and includes activities such as colour and shape recognition, number bonds, more than, less than, addition, subtraction, doubling and halving, fractions, mixed fractions, times tables, division and word problems. The children compete in teams and are very active throwing and catching balls, running, completing star jumps, taking part in relays. The children enjoy these sessions and remain focused throughout, as they always need to be ready to respond to questions.

Literacy in Action
This competition is usually run for Key Stage 1 classes. The sessions usually run for 30 minutes. The children complete activities which consolidate their knowledge of letter shapes, initial sounds, recognition of vowels in Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words (CVC) words, activities where they have to recognise the meanings of homophones and spell age appropriate words. Some activities are completed individually while for others they compete in teams. There are various physical activities which the children take part in to keep them active and engaged.

Get in Touch
If you would like to discuss cross curricular or sports specific activities through active competition in your school please call the Active Education team on 01582 400272