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Exercise Referral

The positive benefits of exercise from both a physical and mental perspective are now well known. Exercise Referral is a really positive way to get motivational support to help improve the fitness, general health and overall quality of an individual’s life.

The Exercise Referral programmes involve 12 weeks of supported, gym-based activity specially tailored to individual needs. They are typically suitable for people looking to make lifestyle and diet changes under professional supervision.

These programmes can only be accessed via a GP.  Speak to your GP about Exercise Referral, and ask to be referred or click here to download a referral form to take to your GP.

Case Study

Rachel suffers from asthma and rheumatoid arthritis and was hoping that by becoming more active and fitter it would help improve his/her symptoms.

‘I joined the gym through a GP referral and enrolled with Slimming World also through a GP referral. I was initially given a programme to work to but as I gained confidence I had some personal training sessions. The gym is full of all people different shapes and sizes with different conditions so it shouldn’t feel like a daunting place to be. I feel at ease when I go there.

‘The support from the trainers at the gym has really helped me stick to my programme. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and put you at ease. Feeling fitter and having more energy made me go back for more’.