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Did You Know?

Sitting still is as dangerous as smoking

did you know sitting is dangerous

Physical inactivity is the fourth largest cause of disease and disability in the UK. In fact, physical inactivity directly contributes to one in six deaths which is the same number as smoking. So, joining an Active Luton gym, class or exercise group could save your life. Above all, adults should try to limit sitting down and being inactive for long periods of time.


NOT exercising is expensive

did you know NOTexercising expensive

Physical inactivity is estimated to cost the UK £7.4 billion / year. In Luton alone the direct cost of people not exercising is estimated at around £2.4million. If you add the indirect costs of the problems caused by inactivity, you can raise this estimate to more like £23.5 million for every 100,000 people. That’s every year.


We should all get active every day

did you know We should all get active

Over a week, we should try to do at least 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise. This could be in bouts of 10 minutes, or 30 minutes on five days a week. If you can work harder, the same benefits are gained from 75 minutes of more intense activity or a combination of both. We should also try to include some strength exercises involving all major muscle groups – for example carrying and lifting things or using your body weight for resistance. Remember, how hard you work is up to you and your body – everybody’s different and it all counts.


Active Luton classes can turn lives around

did you know Active classe turn lives

Neil qualified as a spinning instructor in 2013 and now works at Profiles Gym at Inspire. In 2012 he joined the newly-opened Lewsey Sports Park with a friend. Neil weighed nearly 24 stone at the time, after losing his wife of 30 years to breast cancer and becoming understandably depressed. He found his first spinning class ‘horrendous’ but grew to love it and vowed to become an instructor within a year of the day he first walked in Lewsey Sports Park. He qualified as an instructor 364 days after that fateful day. He now loves the fact that he can use his own experience to inspire others who need help.


Active Luton can help with your wedding

did you know Active help your wedding

Our Stockwood Park Golf Centre has both the indoor ‘Stockwood Suite’ and a fabulous outdoor marquee which are perfect for weddings. The marquee can cater for 200 and is licensed until 2am so that you and your guests can party until the early hours. We also have other great wedding venues at our centres around Luton.


Active Luton is about education too

did you know Active is about education

Our Active Education team helps schools and the wider community improve young people’s lives through physical education, outdoor learning and volunteer and apprenticeship programmes. We ran over 3,000 educational visits for Luton’s school children in 2015.


Active Luton gets young people in jobs

did you know Active gets young people jjobs

Our apprenticeship programmes took on 50 young people between April 2014 and October 2015. Ninety per cent of these apprentices gained full-time employment or went on to advanced apprenticeship programmes.  Our programmes range from leisure operations, activity leadership, hospitality and fitness instructors to teaching assistants and facility services.


Active Luton has a Farm!

did you dell farm

Dell Farm, near Whipsnade, was once a fully working farm. It is now part of Active Luton and is run as a residential outdoor education centre which is widely used by Luton’s schools. Dell Farm runs day visits, overnight stays and holiday programmes for local school children and weekend and evening courses for community and business groups.  Children can not only feed and learn about animals, they can also try the climbing wall, the man-made ‘cave of doom’, archery, mountain biking and many other nature and science-based activities.
“Not only was it educational, it added to their life experiences.” Teacher, Luton


Things in Luton are going swimmingly

did you know Active Luton going swimminglys

Our Active Training and Development team trained 204 swimming teachers and coaches between April 2014 and October 2015 across a range of aquatic disciplines. We also trained 160 new lifeguards to keep you safe in the water. Luton’s Inspire Sports village is one of the leading aquatic venues in the entire UK. On your doorstep!


The women of Luton are enjoying some ME TIME

did you know Luton enjoying some Me Time

A survey in 2012 found that 64 per cent of Luton’s women were inactive. With funding from Sport England, Active Luton set up the ME TIME programme in January 2014. Over 5,000 women have joined ME TIME – with around half being from black and ethnic minority groups. There are 1,500 classes and activities to choose from in over 17 venues. Luton ladies, what are you waiting for?!


You can ‘Pay As You Go’ to get active

did you know You pay as you go get active

Active Luton’s flexible payment options include Pay As You Go. There’s no need to commit to a monthly membership if you don’t want to. You can ‘pay as you go’ for all of our activities from group fitness classes, swimming to gym sessions, badminton and squash courts and boxing ring, 5-a-side and 3G pitch hire.


Our First Aid courses save lives

did you know our first aid

Our Active Training and Development team run First Aid and resuscitation course for employers across Luton and for people working with or caring for children. Our qualifications are nationally recognised and really do save lives.
“After attending the First Aid course by Active Luton I was able to save the life of my granddaughter.” Kim (Infant and child resuscitation workshop)
“If a family or friend has an emergency, I can 100% use my skills to help them.” Ellie (National Pool Lifeguard qualification)


We are much more than just sport

did you know We are more just sport

Over 5,000 young people get involved in our community outreach programmes every year which help improve not only fitness and activity levels, but also crime and anti-social behaviour, community integration and training, development and ultimately job opportunities.


You really can ‘Go4Less’

did you know go for less

Our ‘Go4Less’ sport and leisure discount card, run by Active Luton for Luton Borough Council, entitles you to discounted rates on pay as you go prices, making it even better value and even more flexible to get fit with Active Luton. Some people (if you’re on income support, housing or council tax benefit, for example) will quality for further reduced ‘Go4Less’ rates. Anyone can apply for a Go 4 Less card, which only costs £6 for adults and £3 for juniors. So what are you waiting for?


Toddlers need exercise too

did you Toddler need exercise too

Physical activity should be encouraged from birth – in the first instance through floor-based and water-based activities in safe environments. All under 5s should minimise the amount of time they spend sitting for long periods of time – except when they’re asleep! Rolling and playing on the floor through to reaching, pulling and pushing toys and climbing in the park all count. You’ll be setting your child up for a healthier life.


Starting young creates an exercise habit for life

did you know exercise habit

Children and young people should all be active for at least an hour a day for up to several hours a day and, at least three times a week, children should be encouraged to undertake intense, vigorous activity. Whether it’s riding a bike, playing in a playground, any sport from swimming to netball or football, children should be involved in regular activity which makes their heart beat faster.