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Our Swim Champions- Huma’s story

Like Aaron, Huma began swimming as a child and has continued to do so throughout her adult life. However- it’s not swimming that she likes most about being a Swim Champion- but the opportunity to go out into the community. Luton’s vast ethnic diversity means Huma meets people from all different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. With her Scottish Asian background she’s at ease communicating with everyone- even speaking Urdu to those whom English is not their first language. Huma’s community outreach- and the work of all our swim champions- has helped increase the interest of swimming by 30% within the Black Asian minority ethnic (BAME) and over 60% with women in Luton! 


image huma

Huma at Inspire: Luton Sports Village- Women Only swimming session


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Our Swim Champion- Aaron’s Story

Meet our Swim Champion Aaron. He works for Active Education as a Primary School Sports coach and is currently completing his Level 2 Fitness Instructor awards; as well as inspiring and teaching others to swim! As his mum was a keen swimmer Aaron and his brother took to the water from a very young age. He joined Luton Swimming club and has had a love for the water ever since…


image aaron

Aaron and fellow Swim Champion Cleo


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Active Luton’s Top Tips! 3 ways get active & stay active

 1. Find an activity that you enjoy & make it part of your routine

Swimming, gym, fitness classes, group or individual sporting activities- whatever gets your blood pumping and body moving! It doesn’t have to be high intensity exercise; in just 60 minutes the average person can burn up to 817 calories (fast swimming) or 572 calories (slow swimming)! Exercising and keeping active should fit into your daily routine. Don’t worry though- that doesn’t mean going to the gym everyday! In general, three to five workouts per week (or in other words, three to five hours of physical exercise) tend to produce good results. Whether that’s walking or cycling instead of driving to the shop or taking the stairs instead of the lift- it all adds up to an active, healthier you!


aqua fit


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Our Swim Champions- Sarah’s Story

Earlier this year Sport England selected Luton as one of 12 places across England for a pilot project to encourage more people to use their local swimming pools. Thanks to the National Lottery, Sport England awarded us with a grant of £292k for an intensive, one-year programme. 


Active Luton has embarked on an awareness raising project and centre improvements under the brand ‘Your Pool’ to encourage the people of Luton to use its swimming pools more – particularly people deemed ‘at risk’ of poor health, older people, children and young people, disabled people, women and girls and the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community. 

Although 87% of the local community (versus 69% nationally) had a positive perception of swimming in terms of health and wellbeing, only 47% were aware of the location and existence of Inspire: Luton Sports Village.  Even fewer – only 25%  knew about Lea Manor pool and only 26% about Lewsey Pool. It was time to get Luton swimming again! That’s where our Swim Champions come in.


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May's SWIMTAG usage leader, Russell

May’s SWIMTAG usage leader, and our IT Infrastructure and Support Analyst, Russell Hillman sat down with us to share more about his regular swimming at Inspire: Luton Sports Village.


So, how often do you swim?

Well I try to swim every weekday morning before work at Inspire: Luton Sports Village, between 20 minutes and an hour depending on when I get there. I do front crawl and breast stroke with my head down as I don’t mind getting my hair wet. 


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Not sure what a lifeguard is or what it entails? By the end of this blog you will have some sort of clue and know if it’s a right path for you!

What is a lifeguard?
Lifeguards are trained members of staff employed to rescue swimmers who get into difficulty in the pool. You might see them sitting poolside in our yellow shirts with straight faces but rest assured, they’re always ready to act - like when Cade suffered a cardiac arrest during school swimming lessons!


Why choose lifeguarding?
Lifeguarding is a career that works around you - great if you’re still in full-time education or looking for work that fits around your lifestyle.

Not only do you learn lifesaving skills, but the National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification (NPLQ) is internationally recognised, meaning you have the potential to work and travel abroad!

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Benefits of Swimming

AL 313

What burns well over 300 calories in just half an hour, helps depression and anxiety and lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes?

The answer of course is exercise-related – specifically swimming!  And the great news is that the benefits of swimming are not only enjoyed by the Mark Fosters and Rebecca Adlingtons of the world.  Whatever your level, swimming is hugely beneficial to your health and can also help people with disabilities and long-term health and mobility-limiting conditions. Here are our top tips:


1. Swimming helps to manage weight

Expect to burn around 367 calories after just 30 minutes of breaststroke – that beats walking, cycling and even running. The Calorie Cruncher on the Swim England site can tell you how many calories your preferred swimming stroke burns.

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