May's SWIMTAG usage leader, Russell

May’s SWIMTAG usage leader, and our IT Infrastructure and Support Analyst, Russell Hillman sat down with us to share more about his regular swimming at Inspire: Luton Sports Village.


So, how often do you swim?

Well I try to swim every weekday morning before work at Inspire: Luton Sports Village, between 20 minutes and an hour depending on when I get there. I do front crawl and breast stroke with my head down as I don’t mind getting my hair wet. 


Is it hard to keep up?

Mondays are very difficult sometimes. Especially when I have a tennis match the day before but I’ll always make an effort, even if it’s only a little swim.


How has SWIMTAG helped you?

I think it’s given me something to aim for. It gives you challenges to do that keeps things interesting and makes it a little bit competitive which is always good and keeps me motivated.


Why have you chosen swimming as your main activity to keep fit?

I used to be in swim club when I was little. From age 8 until 12 I was a swimmer and competitive swimmer going to galas etc. We moved house in ‘95 – I took up tennis and didn’t keep up with swimming but it’s something I’ve done in the past so I find it fairly easy and it’s a nice activity to do. I’m aiming to get fitter, lose some weight and stay King of the Swimtaggers!


How does it feel to be top of the SWIMTAG user table?

Feels awesome! But I’m only winning on the amount of swims logged. There are others beating me on total distance swam, calories burned etc. But now that I’ve seen these totals, they will be changing at the end of this month! 


Would you encourage people to use SWIMTAG?

Definitely - it’s only going to make you swim more; swim harder and faster which is a great benefit. I’ve just completed swimming Lake Windermere!   


Any suggestions for SWIMTAG?

We could do with a few more local challenges – shorter distance stuff.  Not like the national swimming challenges, I’m not that good, yet. Maybe swimming the length of Wardown.


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Monday, 22 January 2018

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