Our Swim Champions- Huma’s story

Like Aaron, Huma began swimming as a child and has continued to do so throughout her adult life. However- it’s not swimming that she likes most about being a Swim Champion- but the opportunity to go out into the community. Luton’s vast ethnic diversity means Huma meets people from all different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. With her Scottish Asian background she’s at ease communicating with everyone- even speaking Urdu to those whom English is not their first language. Huma’s community outreach- and the work of all our swim champions- has helped increase the interest of swimming by 30% within the Black Asian minority ethnic (BAME) and over 60% with women in Luton! 


image huma

Huma at Inspire: Luton Sports Village- Women Only swimming session


How have you been able to get people in our community active? 


‘For a lot of the women in my MeTime community class it was about breaking down the initial barrier they had towards public swimming. I gave them a guided tour of our facilities- showing them the women only changing area available during women only swimming sessions. They were especially glad to see our pool side towel holders making their personal items easily accessible’ 


How do you, as a Swim Champion, ensure peoples swimming experience is enjoyable?


‘It’s always comforting to see a familiar face. I try to make myself available to new and existing facility users- even just a friendly hello in passing or answering queries about swimming classes and times. It’s the little things that go a long way’  


What advice would you give to someone who can’t swim or is afraid?


‘We’re here to support you’

‘I make myself available on poolside and answer queries. For those with limited English speaking abilities I’ll source the correct information as some have trouble communicating to other staff. You have our support to help you develop your skills and confidence- being able to help someone with that, it’s a beautiful thing’


Our Swim Champion- Aaron’s Story
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Saturday, 24 February 2018

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