Active Luton’s Top Tips! 3 ways get active & stay active

 1. Find an activity that you enjoy & make it part of your routine

Swimming, gym, fitness classes, group or individual sporting activities- whatever gets your blood pumping and body moving! It doesn’t have to be high intensity exercise; in just 60 minutes the average person can burn up to 817 calories (fast swimming) or 572 calories (slow swimming)! Exercising and keeping active should fit into your daily routine. Don’t worry though- that doesn’t mean going to the gym everyday! In general, three to five workouts per week (or in other words, three to five hours of physical exercise) tend to produce good results. Whether that’s walking or cycling instead of driving to the shop or taking the stairs instead of the lift- it all adds up to an active, healthier you!


aqua fit


2. Music- that song you just can’t sit down to will keep you going

Everything’s better with music! It can motivate, energise or calm; you’ve just got to find the right beat. Music even has the ability to draw our attention away from negative aspects of a task. By focusing on your favourite song it can keep you motivated, so you’re ready to tackle any workout. 

In fact, music can reduce your perceived rate of effort by 12% and improve your endurance by 15%1. Perhaps music is the motivation you’re missing? All our Active Luton gym facilities play music, fitness classes such as BodyPump, 45 minute Spin and Zumba feature music. Not even water can stop the rhythm with our AquaFit classes- Inspire: Luton Sports Village recently introduced a Leisure Swim with Music to their swim timetable.


Fitness classes at Lewsey 2


3. Make sure you know what activities are going on in your area and set some goals.

No matter what your fitness ability or interest, there is an activity out there for you. Check out the BBC Get Inspired website here and maybe set yourself a challenge to raise money for a local charity whilst getting fit with your friends at an organised sporting event.


Inspire Luton Treadmill


Want to get into running? ParkRun organise free weekly 5k timed runs across the county. Click here to find out more. Why not try out our new Life Fitness cardio equipment at Inspire Luton Sports Village? You can customise your running workout to your level and adjust the resistance and gradient- you can even record your workouts when you download the LF connect app. It’s that easy to track your progress! 


Follow us @ActiveLuton on social channels to find out about the latest events & activities in Luton. Want a free swim for your family? Pop into one of our Active Luton centres and ask about the 5 for £5 swim offer. 


Get the most out of you membership Active Luton! You get £20 off when you sign up before the end of February 2018. Or explore our Pay as you Go options for both gym and swim.



Further Reading:

Research shows that physical activity can help school aged kids in lots of ways.  Click HERE to access some great activity games & info. 


Get Fit for Free with the NHS – Click HERE for info 


1The Health Sciences Academy ®


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Our Swim Champions- Sarah’s Story
Our Swim Champion- Aaron’s Story

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