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Centre Manager, Dave & SWIMTAG!


Meet Dave, centre manager at Inspire: Luton Sports Village. It’s the perfect working environment for Dave as he loves to swim most mornings at 6am before work. In today’s blog Dave tells us why he loves using Swim Tag to track his swimming. Swim Tag is now available at all Active Luton’s pools – just ask at reception.


How long have you been swimming, Dave?

Since school – and I’m now 56 so that’s quite a while.  But I still like to compete and recently took part in the Masters European Swimming Championships.  ‘Masters’ means over 25 – so I easily qualify!


How are you using the new Swim Tag system at Inspire?

I’m using it every time I swim now as it’s so simple – you just swipe your membership card on the stand at reception – direct debit, pay as you go or Go4Less cards all work. Then you take a Swim Tag ‘watch’ and off you go. When you’re done, you simply replace the Swim Tag on the dock at reception and then you can create an online account where you can see all sorts of information about how you’ve done in your session.


Is it only for serious or competitive swimmers like you?

Not at all – it’s so easy and really useful for whatever you want to record – from simply recording the number of lengths as many people tend to forget to count, or the calories you’ve burnt, information about your stroke, how long you rested and the time you took per length or per session.

It’s really up to you to look at whatever level of detail you want.  For the more advanced swimmers it’s very helpful to set challenges and compare yourself with other club swimmers if you want to get competitive.  For beginners it’s a great way to track your progress in increasing the number of lengths you do or maybe just doing a few lengths a little bit quicker each time.


Can you sum up the benefits of Swim Tag in one sentence?

It’s easy to use, it makes swimming fun and it’s free!

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Saturday, 16 December 2017

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