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Our Swim Champions- Huma’s story

Like Aaron, Huma began swimming as a child and has continued to do so throughout her adult life. However- it’s not swimming that she likes most about being a Swim Champion- but the opportunity to go out into the community. Luton’s vast ethnic diversity means Huma meets people from all different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. With her Scottish Asian background she’s at ease communicating with everyone- even speaking Urdu to those whom English is not their first language. Huma’s community outreach- and the work of all our swim champions- has helped increase the interest of swimming by 30% within the Black Asian minority ethnic (BAME) and over 60% with women in Luton! 


image huma

Huma at Inspire: Luton Sports Village- Women Only swimming session


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Active Luton’s Top Tips! 3 ways get active & stay active

 1. Find an activity that you enjoy & make it part of your routine

Swimming, gym, fitness classes, group or individual sporting activities- whatever gets your blood pumping and body moving! It doesn’t have to be high intensity exercise; in just 60 minutes the average person can burn up to 817 calories (fast swimming) or 572 calories (slow swimming)! Exercising and keeping active should fit into your daily routine. Don’t worry though- that doesn’t mean going to the gym everyday! In general, three to five workouts per week (or in other words, three to five hours of physical exercise) tend to produce good results. Whether that’s walking or cycling instead of driving to the shop or taking the stairs instead of the lift- it all adds up to an active, healthier you!


aqua fit


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Why ME TIME is a Winner for the Women of Luton

ME TIME Luton finalist Womens Sport Trust

In today’s blog – to celebrate ME TIME being a finalist in the Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGamechanger Awards - our Outreach and Communities Manager, Catrina Lewis, answers some questions about the hugely successful  ME TIME Luton women’s fitness and activity programme. 


Please vote for ME TIME to win the ‘Inspiring Initiative – Local’ Award on the Women’s Sport Trust site here:  The winner is decided by public vote so please support us!


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Active or Just Busy? There is a Difference

bhf logo why you should be more active

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) recently reported that more than 20 million people in the UK are inactive, significantly increasing their risk of heart disease.

Many of us are guilt of thinking it couldn’t happen to us and may wonder, what counts as being ‘active’?  

The guidelines for activity for adults aged 19 to 64 are:

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Age Seven Can Mark ‘Tragic Decline’ in Fitness Levels

Active Kids Activities at Active Luton

A recent study has concluded that our children are entering a “tragic decline” from the age of just seven, with activity levels dropping long before they leave primary school.

The study tracking 500 children over eight years showed a sharp drop in activity levels between the ages of seven and nine with a decline continuing into adolescence.

Previous research indicated that the fall in activity levels among children happens in adolescence but this new study has called this into questions and put a greater importance on teaching our children to be active right from the moment they can walk and encouraging continued activity throughout school years.

Here at Active Luton we have a large range of classes and activities to keep your child active and inspired, from swimming to footgolf.  Please click here to find out more about the activities we have available in Luton. 

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